Alton Towers Fireworks Spectacular – Event Review

It had been a few years since we had visited Alton Towers for their Fireworks Spectacular event, and we were very excited for them after seeing last year’s extravaganza. It was announced a few weeks before the event that the fireworks were going to be themed around the ‘New for 2016’ attraction Galactica. Being fans of Galactica, we thought that this could be an exciting theme for the 2016 event. The park was extremely busy, and it proved that their famous Fireworks event draws in big crowds. After spending the day riding our favourite roller coasters, we made our way to the front lawns to prepare for the display. The entrancing Galactica soundtrack was blasting throughout the lawns and Towers Street and it had an electrical buzz of excitement in the air. There was a gigantic screen erected on the edge of the lake which was themed around a portal, like the one on the ride itself, and this would be a main focal point for the event. As the clock struck 7, it began…

It started off with a pilot introducing himself and his plans to take your to a nearby planet through a portal. This did drag on a bit but it was forgiven considering the length of the show was nearly 25 minutes! To summarise the main storyline, this pilot also had his teenage daughter on-board, and when he leaves she ‘accidentally’ sets her space craft on the discussed mission to a nearby planet. From that point the fireworks start and although impressive, somewhat let down by the constant interruption for the purposeless storyline. What has worked well for Alton Towers in the past is the use of music and fireworks together to create a complete visual and audible spectacle, however the introduction of a poor quality video sequence and a somewhat lacklustre story detracted from the overall enjoyment of the fantastic fireworks.

The ending was definitely the highlight of the event, where it was very clear where all the firework budget had been spent! The final few minutes were relentless and it really took your breath away. The Hall of The Mountain King, the famous piece of music which is synonymous with Alton Towers had an upbeat techno style rework, and was played against a tirade of extremely well timed fireworks. Overall, there were parts that worked and some that didn’t. The storyline element was clichéd and overused, however there were some fantastic moments including fireworks matching perfectly with Life on Mars by the late David Bowie and a rather lively display including huge pillars of fire to the song Invaders Must Die by The Prodigy.

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