Lego Ninjago World – New Attraction Review

Legoland Windsor Resort recently opened a brand-new themed land in the heart of their family theme park, Lego Ninjago World. This new area sees a variety of new additions to the resort including a brand new dark ride, a variety of interactive experiences and more all based on the popular Lego Ninjago franchise. The centrepiece of the new land is Lego Ninjago The Ride, housed within a temple adorned with a variety of Lego characters based on the toys. Once entering through the temple gates, you traverse the queue line before collecting your 4-D glasses and boarding the ride vehicles. Throughout the queue there are videos showing how to use your hands as the ultimate weapon, harnessing wind, fire and ice to destroy a variety of menacing ancient threats and the giant serpent, The Great Devourer!

The ride experience is surprisingly fast paced, and you must be on top form to make sure you take down the oncoming targets with your super powers. Although it’s a little hard to start off with, the control of the elements soon becomes second nature and you can hurl fireballs, icicles and more with maximum impact and precision. The theming is very well done, and there is a good mixture between theming and 4-D screens. The thing that must be said is the effects and the projections work very well together, and the projections are very crisp, making the experience entertaining and fun. The use of wind, heat, mist and lights also adds to the realism of the attraction, making it one of the ‘must ride’ experiences at the resort. It also tracks your score which is always good for some healthy competition to see who can win! Other attractions in the Lego Ninjago World includes a swinging ship style ride called Destiny’s Bounty, Cole’s Climbing Wall where children can test their climbing skills and a building area called Zane’s Temple Build. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience at Lego Ninjago World. Lego Ninjago The Ride adds a unique and unusual ride to the park’s line-up, and we think it is the most exciting new ride to hit UK shores in 2017!

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