Symbolica at Efteling – New Attraction Review

Symbolica is the brand new dark ride experience at Efteling, and is one of the biggest investments in the park’s history costing a whopping 36 million Euros. The new attraction opened on the 1st July 2017, and we were lucky enough to be planning a visit to experience this new addition to the already stunning lineup at one of Europe’s top theme parks. As you turn the corner of the main Efteling street that runs from the entrance, you catch a glimpse of this gigantic palace building, perched upon a rocky hill, and that in itself is a work of art. Beautifully crafted towers climb into the sky and glint in the sunshine, whilst every other detail has been meticulously brought to life. After entering the queue line, you make your way up the stairs and through the very grand palace doors.

Upon entering, you are met with a grand set of staircase, where the story unfolds. Although in Dutch, you can guess that you are invited to the Palace for a grand feast. However, an uninvited guest arrives and casts a few spells and disrupts the orderly fashion, and reveals a secret doorway into the palace. From here you then make your choice to which journey you would like to take. You can take either the ‘Musical’, ‘Heroes’ or ‘Treasure’ tours, and we settled on Treasure. You board your vehicle, and then the magic really starts to happen! The trackless system works beautifully to allow you to glide across these sweeping floors, giving you the sense that it is magic that is powering your journey. The ride summed up in one word is stunning. Instead of using projections, screens or virtual reality, Efteling has opted to use more classical methods with the use of beautifully designed sets and animatronics. Visitors to the palace travel through a variety of different rooms such as a Wizards observation tower, an exquisite magical butterfly house, a greenhouse with a very ‘big’ surprise and much more. There are subtle differences to the different journeys. As we took the ‘Treasures’ tour, we journeyed through various rooms and were rewarded with a gigantic colour changing gem amongst other surprises.

You finish your ride in the stunning Banquet scene, where there is food, dancing, pomp and pageantry. You dance with the others who have been on the various other journeys through the palace, before your ride comes to an end. We very rarely give out 10/10 on, in fact, we have only ever given it out 4 times in over 100 reviews, but Symbolica is such a triumph it is more than deserving. It’s a work of art, that has been brought to life, and we think that it will be a ride that will be loved by many for decades to come. If you are looking to experience Efteling, there has never been a better to visit this beautiful theme park.

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