Walibi Holland – Theme Park Review

Walibi Holland is one of the biggest theme parks in the Netherlands, and it’s a paradise for thrill seekers. Over the past few years, there have been some fantastic additions to the park, including a new roller coaster built in 2016, Lost Gravity. Lost Gravity is an air-time filled, actioned packed roller coaster with some great theming. Possibly one of the best roller coasters in Europe resides at Walibi Holland, and this is Goliath. Standing at 154ft, this beast of a roller coaster is a seriously intense experience filled with air-time and thrills. If looking for a thrilling ride, Goliath is one you should be heading straight towards. Some of the parks other roller coasters include Xpress: Platform, a very well themed launched roller-coaster both indoors and out; Speed of Sound, a disco on a roller coaster which is a classic Vekoma Boomerang roller coaster with an awesome soundtrack; Robin Hood, a surprisingly smooth wooden roller coaster and El Condor, a pretty uninspired suspended roller coaster that can be found in a variety of parks.

The park also has a nice selection of thrill rides such as the launched drop tower Space Shot, Excalibur, a spinning ride that is sure to turn even the bravest of thrill seekers green and much more. There is also lots to do for younger guests including a variety of water rides such as Crazy River, the parks great log flume as well as El Rio Grande, some placid rapids, which are always fun for all the family. The park has a very nice feel to it, and is well looked after and upkept. Many of the rides are ‘off-the-shelf’ in design, but there are some also real gems, and it doesn’t make them any less thrilling or fun! If visiting the Netherlands, we recommend taking a visit to Walibi Holland, it’s a really good, fun day out for all the family, but Thrillseekers will be in their element with some fabulous roller coasters!

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