Artis Royal Zoo is set in the heart of Amsterdam and has resided in the city for well over a century. The Artis Royal Zoo is one of the oldest Zoos in the world and is also one of the most beautiful attractions that we have ever visited. Being in the centre of Amsterdam it is very easy to get to as you can hop on the Tram and be dropped at the door. After entering you can explore this vast attraction which includes some incredible displays and habitats. You will come across the Reptile House which includes a vast array of interesting and also dangerous creatures! They have one of the biggest crocodiles we have ever seen along with a huge Python and other fascinating creatures. The Zoo is also home to 3 elephants, one of these being a recent addition to the family. You can also find a quaint walk across a pretty pond to see Giraffe, Zebra and Ostrich, which is a stark contrast against the beautiful backdrop of an Amsterdam canal.

Other major animal exhibits include the mesmerising butterfly house, the beautiful Sealions where you can watch them swim underwater and the entertaining Humbolt Penguins. Entry also includes access to the grand Aquarium which features a vast array of sea life in some amazing tanks. It is a truly fantastic exhibit and houses some of the most exotic and obscure fish we have ever come across! The Artis Royal Zoo also has some extremely rare species in their breeding program’s which include Amur Leopards and a family of Lions just to name a few. Although the park is short on space they have done the very best with the space provided for the animal enclosures. A trip to Amsterdam would not be complete if you didn’t take half a day out of your busy schedule to meander around the wonderful Artis Royal Zoo.

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