Budapest Zoo is one of the oldest Zoo’s in the world, opening its gates to visitors in 1866. The attraction homes over 1000 species of animals, from Ant Eaters to Zebras. The park is very well looked after, and has a huge array of interesting and fascinating creatures. We started our journey in the America Tropicana area, which houses animals from the Americas. This was a great area as you could wander into a variety of different enclosures and get close and personal with birds and much more. Our favourite animals had to be the Sloths. We then headed over to the park’s new addition in the Australia zone to see the Koala’s – although they were sleeping. It is clear to see that although being a city centre zoo the enclosures were well thought out, interactive, but not intrusive, as all the animals didn’t seem to notice us there!

Some of the other highlights of Budapest Zoo include the fantastic Bat enclosure where you can wander around with Bats flapping all around you. Another moment where you come face to face with a big predator is the Vulture enclosure, where you are allowed to walk right up to them if you are feeling brave! It goes without saying that the park has some amazing creatures, but there are none more heart warming than a baby Orangutan that was discovering Broccoli for the first time. It was truly both wonderful and hilarious to watch. The park have a fantastic breeding program which is helping these endangered animals increase in number, and it is great to see the work paying off. Our final stop was at the impressive Africa area of the park, where we were able to view the impressive Rhino and Giraffe. Budapest Zoo is a fantastic attraction, and for the cost (Around £5.00) it is possibly the best value attraction in Europe!

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