Efteling is a magical theme park resort set in the heart of the Netherlands. Set approximately 90 minutes from the capital Amsterdam, the park is easy to get to by car and also public transportation. The park, which is one of the oldest in the world, even predates Disneyland in California. The theme park is themed around mystical lands, folklore and fairy tales. There is a great mixture of rides for those who want a thrilling experience and for those who want a less adrenalin filled day. For those who like it thrilling there are 3 rides that are a must do whilst at Efteling. Python which is a double loop and double corkscrew roller coaster maybe over 20 years old, but with some new trains and a thrilling layout it is a great roller coaster for all ages! The Flying Dutchman also known as De Vliegende Hollander is a mysterious journey into the unknown.  As tension mounts and mysterious happenings occur, you have to hold your nerve as you prepare for an exhilarating roller coaster before splashing into the seas. Our favourite ride had to be the duelling wooden roller coaster Joris en de Draak which translates to George and the Dragon. This epic roller coaster has two sides, fire and water which both race against each other through a thrilling circuit before the winner is crowned victorious returning to the station with banners adorned whilst the loser returns to boos and hisses.

Other rides and attractions that you should absolutely not miss is the incredible Halve Maen swinging ship, the seriously impressive Piranas river rapids ride with its exquisite Mayan theme and the thrilling Bobsled roller coaster. For the younger guests there is also plenty to experience. You will find Vogel Rok which is an indoor roller, Moby Dick, a spinning ship ride and Monsuier Canible, a spiralling cauldron ride where your dinner! To round out a fantastic day at Efteling you should not miss Aquanura. A truly enchanting water show of lights, fountains, fire and all set to a beautiful sound track. In conclusion, you don’t welcome 4 million visitors through your gates a year without being a truly mesmerising attraction. With their marvellous rides and enchanted family attractions, there is a truly magical day out to be had!

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