Having finished a 2 day trip to Europa Park, we travelled up Germany and planned to stop off at Holiday Park, a theme park just outside Haßloch. We had heard about some of their rides before including the world renown Expedition GeForce. We arrived at the park and the weather was not kind to us, as it was raining and continued to rain constantly throughout the day. However, we didn’t let this dampen our spirits as we took on the parks attractions!

We had to try out the headline attraction first, Expedition GeForce. As it was raining we didn’t have to wait at all to experience this orange beast! From the moment you tip over the first hill to the end bunny hop, it is packed with thrills and airtime and was a great coaster! Another of the parks headline roller coasters was SkyScream, a terrifyingly themed launched roller coaster that bends into a shape that we didn’t think possible! The park has a line-up of thrilling and family orientated attractions. Some of the highlights included; Wickie Splash, the parks fantastic log flume that pa is in a few unexpected surprises; Hollys Autofarht, a rather intense wild mouse style roller coaster; The Roaring River, one of the wettest and wildest Rapids we have been on and last but not least the Anubis Freefall Tower standing at over 200ft! The park also has an fantastic area for younger guests, which features a huge selection of rides for them to enjoy. The park really does cater for everyone, and although certain rides could do with an update, since Plopsa took over the park in 2010 you can see a vast array of positive changes. Overall, despite the weather we really enjoyed our trip to Holiday Park, and would definitely recommend it for a day out

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