The National History Museum is one of Britain’s most iconic museums and has been entertaining families for well over 130 years. The museum which welcomes over 5 million visitors a year is one of the UK’s most visited attractions. This huge Museum is home to hundreds of different exhibits and is a place where you can truly lose yourself in fascination and feed your curiosity. The museum which opened in 1881 is a spectacle in itself with a huge grand entrance hall and a labyrinth of different displays and exhibits to explore. The museum is split into 4 different zones which all have their unique exhibits that you can explore. The museum is free of charge to enter but certain exhibits do carry a small surcharge.

Some highlights that are definitely worth seeing include the Dinosaur exhibit which features a gigantic Tyrannosaurus Rex and hundreds of different dinosaur displays for you to explore. There is also a mammoth display of a huge variety of creatures that range from a small butterfly through to a Blue Whale! These are only models but you still get a sense of the size of them. Another great exhibit is the Earth Galleries where you can explore the fascinating story of our Earth, from Volcanoes through to a frightening Earthquake simulator. This world renowned attraction is well worth a visit, especially as it is free, fun, and informative! It’s a great way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon!

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