Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is home to over 500 years of fantastic Naval history. The Royal Navy have called Portsmouth their home since the 15th century and the attraction houses some truly marvellous ships from the past through to the present ships being used today. With a ticket you get a whole host of different attractions to explore and it really does take an entire day to explore this vast Naval base. One of the newest attractions that the dockyard has recently opened is the Mary Rose museum, where you can see the remains of the famous Tudor ship that went to battle. The museum is packed full of interesting artefacts that were found along with the ship and are displayed in fantastic immersive and interactive displays.

Along with the Mary Rose you can explore the fantastic HMS Warrior 1860 and HMS Victory. These fantastic ships have been fully restored and as a ticket holder you can explore almost every nook and cranny of these historic and fascinating ships. Another attraction that should not be missed is the Harbour Tour where you can take to the water and see some of the most advanced ships that are currently used by the Royal Navy. This was the highlight of our trip as we not only saw some fantastic feats of engineering but the tour was commentated by a very funny and knowledgeable guide. You should also make sure you leave the time to explore all of the exhibits such as the Museum of Naval Firepower and the HMS Alliance Submarine museum. There is so much to do you may require more than 1 day! 

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