The Tower of London is probably one of London’s most famous tourist attractions and iconic landmarks. It was founded just after 1066, and had buildings added and amended all the way through the history of this beautiful, charming and yet foreboding establishment. There are a variety of different displays and attractions to see while you are at the towers, so you will need a good half a day if not more to experience everything they have to offer. We would highly recommend waiting to explore the Tower of London with an official Beefeater tour as they are extremely well educated in the history of the tower as well as adding witty comments along the way keeping it interesting and entertaining for the entire hour.

After the tour we recommend that you leave plenty of time to experience the truly magnificent Crown Jewels. You can see some of the incredible pieces of jewelry that have adorned many different kings and queens across the ages. The highlight of these includes the Imperial State Crown and the Sovereigns Sceptre. There are lots of other things to explore at the towers as well, you can gain access to the Torture Tower, explore the exhibition of 500 years’ worth of coins that were minted at the tower as well as exploring the royal armouries in the White Tower. The Tower of London truly is a spectacle of historic preservation and shows some of the very best (and worst) of what it was like through over 1000 years of history. A fantastic day out for all the family and is a must do when in London!

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