The London Bridge Experience has a reputation within the city of London, sending shivers down the spines of those who have experienced the terror of this heinous attraction. After exchanging our tickets we went into a preshow room before the first half of the show began, which was the walk through the history of London Bridge. There were many stick out moments during the show, the sets were very good and jumps were a plenty. The best moments include The Great Fire of London, as well as rubbing shoulders with Queen Boudicca as she battled the Romans!  

After we had walked through the history of the London Bridge Experience, we ventured down into the London Tombs. This fearsome scare maze has won many scare awards and that was what we were most looking forward to. After a rather amateur briefing video we headed on down into the depths of the Tombs. All in all, it was a good, fun experience with a few jumps but nothing as extreme as we were made to believe. You make your way through various different scenes, all of which were very well themed, especially the first scene when entering. What was most disappointing was the fact we only saw 3 scare actors throughout the entire 15+ minute experience. All in all, it was an average experience, which was just marginally scarier that the London Dungeons.

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