Shrek’s Adventure is one of London’s newest visitor attractions, and brings the beloved characters from many of DreamWorks Studios feature films to life. Situated in-between the London Eye and The London Dungeons, it has the perfect spot set against the imposing County Hall building and is easily accessible from a variety of transportation methods. You start your journey in the ticket hall where you can purchase your tickets and wait before you depart London and journey to Far Far Away. You start your journey on a red London Bus, where you come into contact with a variety of characters before crashing down in a swamp in Far Far Away. This part of the journey was in a flying, multi-sensory 4-D experience, which was the highlight of our visit, as you fly across London!

Without ruining the experience, the following hour is your journey through various scenes and encountering some of the inhabitants of this mysterious land. You traipse through swamps, forests, a magical bakery and even a prison to get back home. Some of the highlights include the very funny Sleeping Beauty scene as well as the final jail scene which were both very well executed. The whole journey took around 90 minutes, and does seem a little pricey for the length of the experience. If you’re planning to do other experiences in the vicinity like the London Eye, London Aquarium or The London Dungeons you can get good value combination tickets that will help you to get more for your money. The attraction is aimed at younger guests and families, as a thrill seeker you are more likely to be suited to The London Dungeons. For its target market, it fits the bill perfectly with some funny moments, great interaction with the group and some magical special effects, it’s a great way to spend an afternoon in London!

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