Chessington World of Adventures Resort is set in a leafy suburb just outside of London. There is so much to explore at Chessington, from the dizzying heights of Dragon’s Fury, to the depths of the sea in the parks very own Sealife Centre. The park which opened in 1987 has been thrilling visitors for decades with a variety of different lands to explore including Mexicana, Mystic East and Wild Asia. Alongside the popular theme park is Chessington Zoo, which has housed animals for well over 80 years. If visiting you shouldn’t miss the Trail of the Kings which houses Lions and Gorillas, or a ride on Zufari, where you board a Zufari jeep and ride with Giraffe, Rhino’s and Zebras. If you’re a fan of monkeys, make sure you don’t miss Amazu, where you can climb amongst the canopies of the mischievous creatures. Make sure you take the time to catch one of the various shows including the parks Californian Sea lions!

The park is home to a variety of thrilling and fun rides that the whole family can enjoy. New for 2017 is the new Gruffalo: River Ride Adventure, where you can take a journey into the deep, dark woods and join Mouse along with the other famous characters from the story. Watch the tale unfold in this beautifully put-together experience, including a few appearances from the Gruffalo himself. Those who are looking for something on the little more wild side, you should try some of the parks more thrilling rides. Why not take on a thrilling flight on The Vampire, the parks suspended roller coaster or perhaps a spin on Dragon’s Fury, the park’s wild spinning coaster. The Rattlesnake is another wild roller coaster with tight turns and quick dives. Don’t miss Wild Asia where you can ride on the back of Kobra, a thrilling spinning attraction that traverses down the side of 2 giant snakes! For the smaller ones or the less brave, you can take the plunge on the parks log flume Dragon Falls, blast your way through a cursed tomb on Tomb Blaster or enjoy a ride on the high seas with the swinging ship, The Black Buccaneer. Chessington is great fun for all the family, and the resort also has a variety of overnight accommodation options including the Safari and Azteca Hotels. If you’re looking for a weekend escape to a world of adventures, then Chessington is the place you should be heading!

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