If you’re looking for a fun filled day out surrounded by over 30 million LEGO bricks, then there is only one place to visit. Legoland Windsor is home to over 55 different rides and attractions, from the thrilling Dragon roller coaster, through to the Atlantis Submarine Voyage where you can travel the seas, there is so much to explore. Legoland takes the crown for one of the most imaginative theme park creations the UK has ever seen, and some of the models situated at the park are truly fantastic.

Starting off at The Beginning, you can make your way through the gates and can see over 150 acres of fun. Follow the path down the hill to Miniland, a feat of LEGO creatives, as it houses some of the most impressive LEGO buildings you will ever set eyes on. From Canary Wharf to the Eiffel Tower, and everything in between, Miniland is a seriously cool place to explore. Keep an eye out for the NASA Rocket launching and also the little details like the London Underground. The park has a huge variety of rides to experience. For the older children and want-to-be thrill seekers, there is plenty on offer! Some of the top rides include; The Dragon, a thrilling roller coaster around a huge castle; Ninjago, a next generation shooting dark ride experience where you use your hands to shoot fireballs and more; Pirate Falls, the parks exciting log flume or how about a sail on the Jolly Rocker, a thrilling boat ride on the stormy seas!

For the younger guests, there is also a huge selection. Little ones can earn their driving licence on the Driving School, or learn to drive a boat on Coastguard HQ. Don’t miss Atlantis Submarine Voyage, where you can board your very own submarine and explore the oceans floor. Alongside a plethora of attractions, you can also find a selection of shows, including a fantastic 4-D Cinema showing a variety of Lego themed movies. Don’t miss the Pirates of Skeleton Bay Stunt Show, where there are some very daring stunts that take place in the quest for some long lost treasure! Legoland is a place filled with adventure and imagination. There is something everyone can enjoy at the resort, and you can even make a night of it in either the new Legoland Castle Hotel or the Legoland Hotel. If you are a hard-core thrill hunter, Legoland won’t be for you, but if you are looking for a fun day out with some younger guests in tow, then it certainly is a great choice.

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