Oakwood Theme Park in Wales is one of the regions most visited attractions. The park is home to some major roller coasters including Megaphobia, a major wooden roller coaster and Speed: No Limits, a thrilling beyond vertical drop roller coaster. Upon arrival, we entered the park and made way to Megaphobia. The roller coaster was good fun, but we wouldn’t say it’s the best wooden roller coaster in the UK. At certain points it was a bit slow and cumbersome, but it was a good fun ride nonetheless. We then had a quick ride on the Bobsled that winds its way through the middle of the park. It was a short ride but great fun. We went to explore the parks latest investment, Neverland. The park had done a great job on this area of the park. There was some great attention to detail on the attractions, and the area really shone through with its theming. It was the busiest area of the park by far so it is clear to see that it was a major investment that paid off. We wouldn’t say that it is immersive as somewhere like Thomas Land at Drayton Manor, but it was clearly a big hit with the families.

Speed: No Limits was next on our hit list, and we were excited to ride this attraction. The ride itself was not the most exciting roller coaster we have ever been on. It was relatively rough, with a few exciting elements but it’s not a roller coaster we would write home about. There were a few other attractions at the park including: Drenched, a massive water ride; Treetops, a great family roller coaster and Bounce, a launched drop tower which would make most thrill seekers weak at the needs. Oakwood didn’t impress us as much as we were hoping. Certain areas of the park were fantastic such as Neverland, but there are areas that are nothing more than a glorified fairground. Oakwood is good value day out for all the family, but if you are expecting a fully themed experience, you may be disappointed.

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