15 years ago, if you had asked someone what Thorpe Park was, you probably wouldn’t have got much of a response, however, as time has gone on, Thorpe Park has transformed into an ‘Island like no other’. The theme park firmly sits at the top of most thrill seekers to do list, due to the massive thrill machines that the park have installed over the past decade. From the 127ft loop towards the ground on The Swarm to the 10 loops on Colossus, there are some seriously hard-core coasters at this park! Roller coasters not to miss include; The Swarm, a roller coaster where you sit on the side of the tracks and swoop through a variety of near misses; Nemesis Inferno, a mighty inverted roller coaster that pulls in 4.7 G’s; Stealth, get launched from 0 – 128km in 2.3 seconds up to the heights of 205ft; Colossus, experience the power of 10 thrilling inversions and Saw: The Ride, a terrifying beyond vertical drop roller coaster based on the disturbing films.

So, Thorpe Park has some pretty amazing roller coasters, but there is so much more than just that. They have a plethora of imaginative and exciting thrill machines that will please even the most astute thrill seeker. Dare you take on Rush, a 65ft oversized swing? Maybe you could test your nerve on Samurai or Vortex, both twisting your perception of what is up and what is down. If you’re feeling brave, take on Thorpe Park’s newest ride, Derren Brown’s Ghost Train: Rise of the Demon. This dark journey into the unknown uses Virtual Reality and also some inventive twists to bring the ghost train into the 21st century. For younger guests, the park maybe a bit limited, but there have been some additions over the past few years to make sure they have a great day out too. Some of these rides include; The Flying Fish roller coaster; Angry Birds land which includes a variety of Angry Birds themed attractions and a great 4-D Cinema, as well as the parks water rapids ride, Rumba Rapids.

Thorpe Park is home to a wide range of events throughout the season, including Ministry of Sound club nights and also the fear inducing Fright Nights Halloween event. If you are looking for a day packed full of thrilling fun, then Thorpe Park should be at the top of your list.

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