Monkey World is a famous rescue centre and sanctuary in Dorset, and is featured regularly on TV shows such as Monkey World and more. Set in the beautiful New Forest, this sanctuary for rescued Monkeys and Apes is a truly wonderful and heart-warming attraction. There are over 240 animals that call Monkey World their home, and what a place to call home. They have some of the most exciting and inventive enclosures we have ever seen at a zoo, with huge climbing frames, ropes and swings and acres of land to roam around in. The enclosures mimic their natural surroundings so they feel right at home, and you can see the animals in their almost natural habitat.

From Chimpanzees to Orangutans and every Monkey in-between, there are plenty of wonderful and entertaining animals to keep you gazing in awe. A personal favourite is watching the huge family of Chimpanzees having their lunch. There is also a comprehensive list of talks which you should try to catch as they are informative and funny. Monkey World is well worth a visit, it is by far more than a tourist attraction but a home and rescue centre for these beautiful and inquisitive creatures.

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