Paignton Zoo is located on the south coast and welcomes over 500,000 visitors a year. The attraction is huge and over 2000 animals call it home, with the zoo representing well over 250 different species of animal. You will need a full day to explore this attraction, so make sure you make enough time to explore! The attraction is filled with a wonderful array of creatures, all being set out in 80 acres of wonderfully landscaped gardens. Starting your visit at the welcome centre, you can take your own pace through the zoo. We recommend taking a clockwise route, as you can ensure you don’t miss a thing! Stand out exhibits at Paignton Zoo include the wonderful Rainforest and Desert displays, the superb monkey house which houses a vast array of cheeky monkeys (with the Bearded Marmoset being our favourite) as well as the wonderful Lemur walk-through where the inquisitive animals saunter on past as if you’re not there!

The Zoo is home to an Elephant which has a large spacious paddock to meander around and if you’re lucky you can catch the feed which is a sight to behold. The Giraffes are also wonderful creatures to sit and watch as you enjoy a coffee or ice-cream! One of our favourite animals at the park was the Orangutans, as they sit and play, you can really see their inquisitive and almost human like behaviour, it is truly fascinating. You should definitely round out the day by visiting the Asiatic Lions as they prowl around looking fearsome yet majestic. We cannot recommend Paignton Zoo enough as it is a wonderful day out for all ages and is a truly fantastic attraction.

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